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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Costa Rica Spring Break 2017


College Advance!

February 3-5 Glen Rose, Texas

Fields of Faith is an annual event where FCA huddles gather across the country on their respective fields and give testimonies, challenges, and praise to God. This year, we gathered with University of Houston FCA on the Rice Soccer field to hear the truth of the Gospel and worship with (cross-town rivals) brothers and sisters in Christ!

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    Senior Year

    Being a senior has been so relieving and yet so stressful at the same time. Real life is coming fast. Sometimes I’m really excited for that, but other times I’m terrified.   Read More...

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    College Sports and Jesus

    Throughout my life I have always understood the importance of surrounding yourself with people who love and seek out Christ in everything they do.  By surrounding yourself with people like that you are encouraged and spurred on in your own walk with Christ.  Growing up I was always surrounded by people like this because I went to a Christian school, my parents were very involved in my church, and my entire family believed in the same things I did—that Jesus payed the ul...  Read More...

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    The Ultimate Carpenter: Jesus

    On August 2nd through August 9th, six basketball teammates, one swimmer, and two adult leaders went on a mission trip to Tuscaloosa, Alabama. It was amazing to see how God was able to allow the trip to happen, what we accomplished, and the lessons and stories that came along with the trip. For the week, our team would wake up early, have a devotional (quiet time reading the Bible), go serve the Lord by doing a construction project, host a camp at the YMCA, and lastly, end the day with a Bib...  Read More...

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Tuesday Huddle

We believe in gathering as a community in fellowship to celebrate and learn more about Christ. Come join us at 8:31 on Tuesdays to hang out and get to know some fun people!

Bible Studies

We have separate guys, girls, and coaches bible studies in order to grow in our knowledge in the Bible and learn more about our loving Creator. Please reach out if you'd like to join or create a bible study!


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