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Rice FCA believes in stepping out in our faith to be ambassadors for Christ, both at home and abroad, while growing in our own relationship with Him.


"Therefore, GO and make disciples of all nations..." Matthew 28:19


The students are trained and equipped through their faith to serve Christ, the community, and each other relentlessly, free of distractions. We go on an international mission trip each school year and did our first domestic trip in August 2016. 

2018 May Trip

Costa Rica 2017 Mission Trip

We traveled back to love on our dear friends in Costa Rica this year for Spring Break. We were in the small town of Turrucares as a group of 14. We stayed at an amazing church and created a sidewalk for them to get in and out of the building safely. In the evenings we'd host a camp for all of the kids in the town to use sports as a vehicle to share the gospel with them.

All of our students were stretched, challenged, and loved by each other, the Costa Ricans, and their Good Father. They pushed each other to grow, evaluate, and dig deeper so that they may come back an be prepared for the good work that God prepared for them here at home. They want to continue to spur one another on in love toward Christ and the bigger mission at hand- expanding His Kingdom.

Summer 2016 Mission Trip

This August, students had the opportunity to go and serve domestically in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Through helping the community practically through rebuilding a home, and hosting a sport camp, we had the chance to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the community. We were also be able to grow individually in our faiths, with the support of each other, allowing the students to develop leadership skills to return to impact the campus and the community.

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The team ended up being made up of all girls so, naturally, a music video resulted....